When I think of worshipping idols, I think of a Buddha or something of the sorts.  A non living symbol that you believe in and worship.  Although, that is one type of idol, there are many idols that we don’t think of very often.  The verse below describes a different type of idol that hits closer to home.

Their land if full of idols; they bow down to the work of their hands, to what their fingers have made.

Isaiah 2:8

In this description WE ourselves are the idols.  We are worshipping our own work and not giving the glory to the Most High.  The Lord can use our hands to do his work, but at the end of the day it is his allowance that by which all things happen.  You may sow the seed, but it will only produce fruit by the allowance of the Lord.  Did you make it rain?  Did you make the earth that it grows in?  Did you form the sun and cause it to form light?  Did you create the plants to grow by ways of the earth, sun, and rain?  The truth is you did very little to make this plant grow.  God prepared it all in advance, and the work you have to do is minimal in comparison to what has already been done.

I know someone who was very proud of the position they had achieved at work, and gave themselves all the credit.  It was true that they worked very hard, and did a great job.  What she didn’t know is that God was in control and allowed her hard work to thrust her forward.  She didn’t use her position for his purpose, and she did not exalt the Lord in her actions.  She was not grateful to the Creator.  She did not humble herself and give God the glory.  This woman I know is a child of God because she was disciplined by the Most High himself.  She had the best numbers anyone could expect, she was doing everything right in her job.  For no reason at all her job was eliminated.  It made no sense.  In that moment, God had her attention.  She remembered she was not in control and she began to pray.  Even though she didn’t correct all her imperfections she humbled herself and relied on the Lord for the first time in a long time.  The Lord guided her through 6 months without a job.  Her faithfulness brought her into a new position closer to family making even more money than before.  It was amazing to watch how the Lord worked in a faithful sinners life.  Our God is an AWESOME God!  He delivered grace and forgiveness to someone who had forgotten about him.  Like a parent, he brought her back into his protection.

When I read Isaiah on the car ride to the Mayo Clinic, I was reminded to not put my faith in men or things of the world.  All things are created by the one and only Creator!  When I was thinking about the procedure that my Father was about to have and how we were talking about how “lucky” he was to be able to get this done at the Mayo with the best Dr.’s anyone could ask for I remembered what I read in Isaiah; It’s not about the Dr.’s or the Mayo Clinic.  My Father’s life lies in the hands of the Lord and he is using these Dr.’s to give my Father the best care.  You can’t turn down great opportunities like going to the Mayo Clinic or any grand gesture that the Lord is giving you and using for his glory, but you must acknowledge your creator for all your good fortune.

In my own life I related Isaiah to the gift and responsibility I received 4 times from God.  My children are on loan to me, but they are not really mine.  God put them in my care to raise them to be in his army.  If the Lord was not guiding me, the gravity of the responsibility would be crushingly overwhelming.  I really feel sorry for the people who are trying to parent their kids without the guiding hand on the Lord.  I am reminded that the Lord is using me to grow his army and it’s my job to prepare them to defend their faith and live an obedient life.  When my children are grown and they are living their best life that God designed just for them, I will not be patting myself on the back.  I will know how much God prepared before they were even born.  Blessed be the name of the Lord, Glory to God!





Californians, I have a bone to pick with you!  I would like to start by saying the rest of the country doesn’t want to be governed under the same laws as you do, so please worry about your own state and stop infringing on our way of life!  I live in the Midwest and choose so not because I am unintelligent or ignorant, but because we have it figured out and have for centuries and we don’t want your new ideas.  We already know they won’t work, just like we knew Obama wouldn’t work.  California, your way of thinking is like a teenager whose brain hasn’t fully developed.  We Midwesterners are like mature adult contributing citizens.   Your influence on modern society and our countries youth is disheartening.  Why is it so important to rob our children of their innocence so that they may be educated on drugs, sex , gays, and so on?  These are adult issues that should not be rested atop a childs shoulder.  The focus on fast money has proven fleeting and unsustainable as we have watched many fall from the top.  Our focus on the things in life that really matter such as a good work ethic, loyalty, and fair business practices have sustained a reliable economy.  We may not be rich but we are stable and steady.  On the topic of promoting gay rights for the whole country is just not right.  In the bible belt there is a vast majority of people who believe as the bible says being gay is a sin.  The bible also says to treat all people with the love, forgiveness, and grace that God gives.  Gay rights are met with resistance because it doesn’t say they should be treated fairly, it says no one is allowed to disagree with gay being okay and we have to accept it being taught to our kids in school, and we have to agree to marry them in our churches.  Gays should be treated as any human should be treated with sin, which is all of us.  They should be treated with love, forgiveness, and grace, but we should not be asked to forsake our beliefs to save someone’s feelings.  The influence that Hollywood has on our country and especially our youth is dangerous for our countries future.  The selfish, it’s all about me value system that promotes reckless behavior with blinders on to the consequences is leading us into a sense of acceptance for a drama filled life without real meaning.  How many young people have we watched waste away their lives in front of the cameras, on our TV’s?  California, that is the life you are selling to us, and trying to force down the whole countries throat.  May I remind everyone that this country was founded by believers in Christ.  God does not choose for people what they believe.  California are you so arrogant that you think you have the right to choose how the whole country operates?  If you are for big government remember it may be you who has to live by someone elses ideas and laws one day.  It may be your children or grandchildren who are persecuted for their beliefs.  Big government is harmful to everyone’s future.  remember that when you agree with the laws being passed that it’s not just you having to live by them.  Someday there may be a law that is passed against your way of life.

Your View vs. Your Child’s Experience


I am a child of a corporate power woman, so I know both sides of the fence.  The grass is greener for a stay at home Mom and her family without question!  From a very young age I knew that my Mother did not and could not give me the best part of her which I knew I very much-needed and deserved.  I went to morning daycare and then school and then after school daycare and then I was picked up around 6:00pm.  My bedtime was 8:30pm.  I only had 2 1/2 hours with my Mother each evening and by the time she picked me up, she was tired.  Much to tired to be an enriching part of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, my Mother loved me very much, but she was divided.  My main influences that shaped who I am were my Grammy, and my cheerleading coach.  They gave me what my Mother couldn’t.  They gave me their time and attention, which unfortunately meant more to me than anything my Mother ever gave me.  I had name brand clothes and got my hair done at a fancy beauty salon, and we lived in a very nice house ( I say house because it wasn’t a home ).  The truth was that all the nice things in the world didn’t give me my Mother!  I even became jealous of our yard because she spent time working in the yard on the weekends.  I spent most of my time at home lonely and watching TV.  I was a very talented cheerleader and my Mother only came to one game and she left early to beat the traffic.  It wasn’t just the time that she was at work that was taken away from me, it was what working did to her.  A Mother is a servant and a care taker to her family.  A Mother is a soft place to fall.  My Mother was none of those things.  My Mother was “strong and independent”. She wanted me to be strong too.  I had a Mother’s love without ever knowing a Mother’s love.  I was insecure my whole life growing up even though I was talented, smart, and beautiful, because I was not taken care of and I was not anyone’s top priority.  I didn’t feel like a grown up until I met my 2nd and current husband who let me stay home and made me his top priority.  I felt insecure and worthless until I met him.  There has been a re-birth of Stay at Home Moms in this generation and I believe it is due the fact they had a similar experience that I did.  Children need their Mothers to be available to them in every way and all the time.

My children are very secure in who they are and they know they have my support all the time.  I never run out of time for my children because I am always here and they are my only priority.  I never wonder about what I could have done out in the world or if I’m missing anything.  I know the grass is greener on my side of the fence.

Wearing Many Hats


Can you wear many hats and still look great in all of them?  Well just picture a woman with as many hats as you are wearing stacked up on top of her head.  How does she look?  Can she balance them all with ease and grace?  Or does she just look ridiculous?  When I see a scatter brained woman who is scammering to keep it all together, I don’t see a strong and independent woman, I see an overwhelmed woman who is missing her best life.  Many women pride themselves on all the hats they can carry on their heads, but my question is how many of those hats are getting your full undivided attention?  How many of those hats do you put all your effort and resources into?  Do you find yourself just trying to keep things from falling off your head?  Is any area in your life enriched to it’s fullest potential?  In business it is a well known truth that if you branch out too much you will not succeed.  If a pizza joint started selling mexican food it would not be able to compete with the other pizza joints because they would be spread thin between pizza and mexican and they wouldn’t do either as well.  It’s a truth in life also.  If we are pulled in different directions we will not be as successful.  Wearing one hat is much more comfortable and you can achieve wearing one hat gracefully.  Is your husband and your family getting the best of you?  Are you enriching your family or are you just keeping them afloat?  From a woman who has made the sacrifice to not pursue my own adventures outside the home and uses all her abilities to strenghthen her family, I can tell you that you don’t look like you have it all.  It looks like you have a taste of each flavor, but you don’t have time to enjoy any of them. is my New Best Friend!


In my search for new homeschool curriculum for this upcoming school year I found a math curriculum that I loved and new it was what would be best for my 2nd grader.  The only problem is that it was VERY expensive!  I started with my normal routine of visiting all the homeshcool classifieds and searching there.  After many searches I realized that I would have a hard time finding it used because it was a very new curriculum.  My Aunt, who is a seasoned homeschooler advised me to check  To my surprise I found every component to my curriculum which included 2 Teacher’s Editions, 2 Text Books, 2 Workbooks, and a Teacher Resources CDROM.  Not only did I find it all, it was ridiculously cheap!  I was worried after I made the purchase that it was too cheap to be true.  Then 3 days later I heard our dog barking outside, and I immediately had butterflies in my stomach.  It was the mailman.  I brought the package inside and while holding my breath I opened it.  It was one of the Teacher’s Editions, and it was in perfect condition and exactly what I wanted!  I couldn’t believe I got the exact new shiny book I had seen at the curriculum fair for more than half price!  I was thrilled!  The books kept coming until I had the full set!  I am now addicted to  I will be checking with them first from now on!

P.S. If you are a Five In A Row family, I purchased all the books for Volume 1 from and they were very reasonable.

What are you missing out on?


There is a reason why you are torn between work and home.  There is a reason you are carrying around guilt.  There is a reason teen pregnancies, gangs, teen suicide, bullying, drug use, and drinking are at all time highs.  There is a reason why the schools think it is their job to teach our children values, character traits, and sex education.  Where are you?  What are you missing out on?  When you are not available when your child has a life altering choice to make or a question about life choices they are struggling with, who are they talking to and what advice are they giving them?  Is it what you would have said, was it good advice?  When your children are young you are worried about missing their first step, but what you should be more concerned with is who they are connecting with and who is teaching them these vital building block skills.  Let’s say you do get lucky and see their first steps, who really taught them this?  Who are they building these memories with?  It’s not you, if you are at work.  It is your child care provider.  When your children are older they will not have the same comfort level with you as they do with the people they spend the majority of their waking hours with.  Children that have two parents that work ask their piers and teachers for advice and don’t usually tell their parents everything.  Has anyone ever heard a teenager say, well my parents just don’t get me, and they don’t understand.  Why do you think teenagers believe this about their parents?  It’s because they aren’t a part in the vast majority of their development.  Although, Mom and Dad carry a title and pay the way they have not earned the respect by contributing to their development in a hands on way.  What have you sacrificed for your children?  If it doesn’t include nearly all your time and resources it is not enough.  The only important job we have as adults is to raise our children into morally sound adults.  I sleep well at night because I know that my children are being taught values, life skills, character traits, getting their answers to tough questions from me, and all while having a superior education.  If I were at work I wouldn’t have the special bond I have with my first grader over the many reading lessons that got him to the achievement of reading his first chapter book.  We both know we got to that goal together.  He knows he relies on me for his development and teaching.  That is a bond that allows you into the most protected and special part of your child’s heart.  You will never know your child fully if you are not their teacher.  If you are a single parent you get a pass, but there are still options to educate your child at home to assure they are developing that bond with you and not their friends and teachers.  If your heart ripped when you left your children at the sitter or daycare for the first time there is a reason for that.  If you were doing a good thing it would have felt good.  There wouldn’t be guilt if it were a good thing.  Guilt comes from knowing you are doing the wrong thing.  Women are blessed with intuition and sensitivity that let us know when something isn’t right.  Today most women aren’t listening to that intuition, they push it down and suffer the consequences later.  If every woman was honest about her feelings toward working and being a provider instead of a care giver to her children and family she would say that she isn’t really doing it all well.  Why are you working women mad at your husbands because he doesn’t help around the house as much as you think he should.  It’s not his job, it’s not what he is made to do.  It doesn’t come natural to him.  Women have done well in the work force because managing children and a home take all the same skill set that you use in the workforce.  Think how much you could help your children, family, and community if your time wasn’t torn between the two.  How would your children feel if you put the same effort into them daily that you put into your work?  My mother was a corporate manager climbing the latter of success.  I was aware that she gave the best of herself all day and was tired when she came home to me.  I didn’t feel important.  I felt like a burden.  I never told her that because I felt guilty that I didn’t appreciate our nice house and clothes.  I didn’t want any of it.  I just wanted her.  I never got it, and I long for it still today.  It is a primary need for children to be put first.  It is not true that your children aren’t happy unless you are pursuing your dreams.  It is a flat out lie.  Your children should be your dream!  It should make you happy to serve your family at home.  If there is not a mother at home the family falls apart.  The divorce rate has sky rocketed since women entered the work place.  You are fooling yourself if you think you are a good wife to your husband and a good mother to your children when you spend 10 hours out of the approximate 15 waking hours 5 out of 7 days a week away from your duties as a mother and a wife.  It’s not possible.  Super heroes are not real and you aren’t one either.  Your family needs your time and attention.  Use your wisdom to guide and support your family.  Use your budget sense to save your family money and get good deals.  Use your creativity to make a beautiful home and healthy delicious meals.  Use your manager skills to train your children and organize your family life.  It will bring fulfilment and joy to you when you serve your family.  It is our biblical right and purpose.